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Just what I needed. WWE Wrestle February 6, at 2: We have the full chart, specific brand sizes and info on measuring your head on our Size Guide Page. I could totally do this!! Sew through all of the layers while attaching these top circles.

Lion Brand Yarn has over 7, free knitting and crochet patterns of various colors, sizes and project types. Each one uses Lion Brand yarns and ranges from beginner to expert skill level.
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Measuring Baby Head Size. Head sizes will vary from person to person, including babies. If you are going to knit a hat for that special little one, you may want to measure to be sure what size range you should make your hat project.
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You make it look so easy… but I guess I'll only learn by trying. If think if I start doing more that would need a serger I could maybe buy one in the future…. Your tutorial was very easy to follow and I made this hat: BTW — I'm due in four weeks with a baby girl and sadly we have no name yet either. These are super cute!

I also make beanies as you can see in my shop http: Where do you get your knit fabric? I am always looking for new knits to create new styles: I got a serger for Christmas and am still learning, can't wait to try these!!! These are so cute! Thanks for the tutorial. I too am pregnant, but I have a little further to go than you: We're expecting a girl, so I am loving the cute little flowers on the hats. I made these for a friend! I recently tried made some beanies with an old one of my daughters but I found that the thread kept gathering.

I adjusted my stitch, tension etc but couldn't stop it from gathering. You totally gave my nesting bug a huge boost! I only have two months until my little girl gets here and I have been dying to make her something. I just made one of these hats with my new serger, and I can't thank you enough! I'm obsessed and have a feeling I will be making these for all my friends that are expecting!

Made It and Love It. I saw this when you originally posted it and bookmarked I have just come back after whipping one up this morning. I needed an emergency baby gift. It was so quick and easy. I even did it without a overlocker. I found steaming the seams made all the difference in the finished look. I am a beginner at sewing, but reviewing your very well detailed tutorials, I think I can enjoy making these for my soon to be and even baby shower gifts.

Directions are marvelous and the pictures are perfect. And I think they would be a great use of several t-shirts my teens have grown out of without wearing them out. What fun this will be to make! Thank you for sharing. Just made a hat to match a onesie that I was working on. Perfect, easy, and cute!

Nice to see someone doing this again. My young cousins just had their new babies, think I am going to make some for them and ship to Tennessee…. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I am very new to sewing and attempting to teach myself by doing simple baby projects. I was able to do make one of these hats very easy and relatively quickly. Believe it or not the hardest part was threading the darn needle!

I used an old ribbed knitted tank-top and scraps from an old jersey knit cardigan thing for the flowers, turned out beautifully. I used a small round cereal bowl and cut around it worked perfectly to make theses hats. Made a zebra one for my daughter: Thank you for a great idea. Just what I needed. Planning to make my own fabric at spoonflower to make a monogrammed knit hat for my new nephew. I love this little hat pattern. I sew for charity for preemies and the pattern is perfect with the rest of the outfits I sewed.

I did a round-up of 16 Baby Shower Gift Ideas. Feel free to stop by and check it out anytime! So leaving the brim down made the hat look more like yours. Late to this party — but thanks for a great pattern.

I just made one for my son to be born any day now! I have one suggestion on the hat. If I wee doing this hat, I would attach the knit band so the seam lands on the outside. Just my 2 cents worth. Just a little neater look on the inside. Thanks Ashley just made the flower to go on my tote bag easy yet effective!! Keep up the great work!! I love all your tutorials. Just curious about this hat pattern.

The bottom is measured as 7. Thank you for posting this! I featured your project on a post about amazing baby gift ideas. Just made some blankets, bibs and burp cloths, so this will be perfect to make and give also. Thank you SO much for posting this!!!! I keep trying to find simple things that I can make to give away.

And I think I can do this. I love this sweet hat pattern and have used it to make hats for my grand babies also. Thank you for the great tutorial! Okay, part 2 is here. Did you see the knit baby blanket tutorial yesterday found here? Well, here is a great way to complete a little baby set……. Or, hmmmm, maybe 3! The hats are made from cotton interlock knit….. And while making one,why not make a couple more? But those girls, they need some flowers! Did you make the blanket from yesterday already?

Ready to make some little knit hats? Before getting started, keep in mind ……that the shape of these hats are one dimensional. But because they are knit, they will stretch and the proper hat shape will form as you slide them over those little baby heads. As mentioned in the baby blanket tutorial from yesterday, I found my knit here. But the colors I selected are gone. So in case you want to search for it elsewhere, the fabric is Michael Miller Interlock Knit.

First, I pre-washed my knit. Then, I used an old knit hat from when my little girl was a tiny baby, as a pattern. The fold creates some of the height. The finished hat is about 5 inches tall……. I made my hats a size ……. I patterned them after the light pink hat shown above, which is a Carters hat, size months. And the circles are for the flowers later on. But click on the image below, save it to your computer, copy and paste it to a document with the margins set to zero, and print it out.

I shared the dimensions below, so that you can verify if your printer is printing it out at the right size. But keep in mind, this was a quick sketch, and is imperfect. I just thought it would help to use as a guide. This is for personal use only. This will give the hat the proper fit on the head. Try using a zig-zag stitch or check out this stitch here and make sure to always lift and adjust your presser foot, to make sure you are not pulling or stretching your fabric too much.

Then, fold the tube in half down inside itself, creating a more narrow tube, with the right side of the fabric facing out. Then slide the tube down inside of the main hat piece which is still inside out , with the raw edges lined up with the raw edges of the hat.

Pin the 3 raw edges together, all the way around the bottom of the hat. Next, turn the hat right side out, and slide your iron inside of the hat the iron that seam upwards, along with pressing that bottom fold flat.

Then rotate the hat and continue pressing that seam upwards and the fold flat. Even after a plain old seam like the ones above. You just want to place the iron down and let the steam shrink it up.

Then move the iron and repeat. Then I used a needle in thread to tack the fold in place, along both side seams of the hat. Need help with hand-stitching? Start with your bigger circles and fold them in half, and then in half again. Arragen 4 of them on top of the fifth circle, creating one full circle of folded circles.

Now, either hand stitch those little corners in the center to the base piece, or use your sewing machine. Be careful if using your sewing machine, to not pull the fabric too much. You want to keep the pieces in a circle shape. Then fold your 4 smaller circles the same way and place them on top of the larger circles. Stitch the centers in place the same way as you did above, but sew a little further out this time……to help keep the petals down a bit.

Sew through all of the layers while attaching these top circles. Then attach the flower right to the brim of the hat with a needle and thread, making sure to make several stitches to secure the flower to the hat. Serving up Kids Food! Those hats are absolutely adorable! I have only knit with straight needles. Im not the greatest knitter, but your pattern for the blanket makes me look like a pro… lol I would like to give the blanket, hat and booties as a shower gift in early July.

Cast on and Ribbing: Cast on 61 for preemie size or 73 for newborn. Ribbing 6 rows for preemie size, 8 rows for newborn size: King Charles Brocade Row 1: With a yarn needle, pull the yarn through all the remaining loops, secure, seam edges together, secure and weave in end.

I love your designs, the sizes and variations. KP, Knitting Paradise forum Again just a big thank you. Would these still turn out if i dont knit in the round? I find this too confusing how can i adapt the pattern? How many stitches to cast on for 8yr girl and 4yr girl. Adopted family and wanted to knit these hats for the girls for Christmas. At those ages they need pretty much the same size — around 18 inches or so.

With DK yarn and size 6 needs as given in the pattern, case on 96 stitches. Thank you for posting easy, beautiful patterns! I plan on knitting up a bunch in a variety of colors so I can include them in baby shower gifts as I am at the age where all of my friends are having babies. Is there a straight needle version for the english diamond block pattern? Hi Mama can you use this pattern to make Adult hats for chemo patients too? If so how many stitches do I use? I think the easiest way to convert these is to use worsted yarn and size 8 5mm needles.

Then cast on 84 stitches. I have almost finished the King Charles brocade blanket and would like to do the hat to match, Is it possible for you to give me the pattern to knit with ordinary pins? FYI, the instructions on the mobile version are different than that on the website.

Now I am sticking to the website. Wow I sure love all three of these hats. I have two great grandaughters one is 4 months old and the other one is 3, how many stitches should I add if I want to make one for my 3 year old? I would appreciate any advice you can give me. Thanks for your help. These are the best little hats I have found. Hi I have this pattern and would like to know about the Charles brocade pattern I have tried and it looks nothing like the pattern can you tell me what I am doing wrong it just does not look like the light blue one in the pattern Thanks sarah.

Thank you so much for sharing your patterns. I really like the styles you offer and I appreciate your willingness to make them available for free. Hope you are enjoying your day. We hope to add that feature soon, but meanwhile, you can use the Pinterest button add-on with your browser to add pins. I do not, but once you have made the blanket and hat you may be familiar enough with the stitch pattern that you could make it with a pattern for plain socks.

The blanket is just beautiful. I love your patterns. I can sit and watch TV while kniting these adorable hats. Thanks for sharing the pattern, I am sure the parents who receive these hats will adore them on their babies head. Here is one I found: Hi, I am going to try and make the king charles hat for my self…i know to make it taller i have to repeat some rows, but which ones?

On Rnds where it says to repeat rows 1 — Keep repeating those twelve rows until you get a couple of inches short of the total height you want then continue the pattern. I have yarn from a farm near by and need to use size 2 needles but want to do your patterns. What do you suggest I cast on? I bet if you had known it would be such a headache to post them you would have thought twice. The pattern seemed to have been written with an experience at hand, somebody who knows what they are doing.

I made the cap with the little checks. Up to round 30 was not a problem. After round 30, the project was a disaster. The crown has sections with holes space where decreases were made and some section of the completed crown had no holes. I had a very hard time with this section. I wish there was more instructions on repeat sections and ending with total stitches at the end of the row. I am redoing it with a different pattern.

A needle size increase should give you enough of a gauge difference to give you the slight increase in size you need. How many more stitches would I cast on, and which rows would I repeat before starting the crown in order to keep the pattern?

I just finished the first hat but am not sure I did it right. It looks fine but for future use please explain 2sskp2sso. Thanks for your time. Hope you will still get this message even though you did post so long ago. I found this video demonstration of the stitch: Well I kind of did that but made it a lot harder. Thanks for your time and prompt detailed response. Love these patterns and am more than a little anxious to try. Would love to have a pattern for baby mittens to match the hats.

I make adult hats and take them to the cancer center when I had treatment — bald heads get cold!! Anyway I would love to make some little hat and mitten no thumb sets for the local hospital! I do knit with dpns and circular needles — prefer knitting in the round as opposed to stitching up sides!

And have done lace patterns and can follow instructions — but must be step by step! Please help me with a pattern if you would!

Love your patterns and am doing these to donate. Do you have a pattern for mittens? Just plain would would be fine. Also have the adult size of the your lace patterns to take to cancer treatment center where I had treatment.

Cold head can happen any time of the year! Thanks for great patterns — I plan to be back often! And thanks for your response! Hi I have just come across your site while looking for crochet blanket patterns and found your great hat patterns also.

I knit for various charities here in New Zealand and prefer using straight needles. I am so looking forward to getting started on these ones. Hello, I am getting near the end of the English Diamond Block pattern and have two comments.

First, this pattern looks nothing like the photo. Secondly, and more important, row 32 does not work out — there are not the correct number of stitches remaining to complete the row. I am missing one additional stitch to complete the row.

Can you check to see that your instructions are correct, please. Thanks for the help and the lovely pattterns. The English Diamond Block pattern hat is the green one in my picture. I think sometimes it is confused with the King Charles Brocade which is the light blue one in the picture and has a double line diamond shape pattern. Rnd 31 is working across a repeat of 12 — it uses 12 stitches and results in 10 stitches.

The k3tog stitch uses three stitches but produces one stitch, causing a reduction of 2 for each repeat. So the repeat of Rnd 32 is I see the problem now. I just want to thank you for these patterns.

I have been knitting these on my train commute for almost two years now. I have probably made a dozen as gifts. The patterns are easy to follow, the work is portable and pleasing to do. The simple multiple of 12 lets me adjust size based on yarn weight, needles, and age of the baby. Saw your work on Rav and now of course on your web page.

Very, very nice Designs. Thank you for your generosity. I am so excited to try these designs! Love the Chicken Sweater. A smaller circular will work until you get to the crown reductions.

There is a hyperlink link where the instructions mention the magic loop that explain how it works. Basically the method keeps a loop out to one side so that the circumference of the knitting can be much smaller than the smallest circular needle. Sandy May 2, at 9: Mama May 2, at Sue May 4, at 8: I live in the country, so I have no one around that knits and can help me.

Mama May 4, at Terry May 16, at 4: Mary Anne Kozmoski May 3, at 4: I am having trouble doing these hats on double pointed or circular needles.

Mama May 3, at 8: Kathy March 29, at 9: Mama March 29, at Audrey Stone March 13, at Alice May 3, at 4: Debbie September 30, at 8: Mama September 30, at TKU for the lovely patterns. Is it easy to make them prinatble or in pdf form? I am so sorry I just now noticed the pdf button. Ann Riddell May 3, at 9: Jynx Stevens May 3, at Rajul Shah September 13, at 4: Rita Brown May 4, at Ginger Mohney May 6, at Mama May 6, at Dana June 9, at 2: Thanks again for the patterns.

I would like to make this for my kids. They are very adorable. Mama July 19, at 8: Barbara Schwartz October 26, at 6: Mama October 26, at 9: Mama January 29, at 1: Jessica February 1, at 9: Mama February 2, at 1: That is the King Charles Brocade which is the pattern given in the middle.

Kathy rivolla April 28, at Mama April 28, at 6: Hester Dove May 20, at 2: Mama May 20, at 6: That is quite OK and thanks so much for knitting for Knots of Love. Fiona Poisson June 14, at 6: Hi Mama I love these patterns….. Thanks God Bless Fiona. Mama June 14, at Sandy June 25, at 3: Mama June 27, at Lois Curtis June 27, at 8: May November 3, at 8: I have made two out of three.

They came out so adorable. Mama November 4, at 6: There is a print icon at the top of the pattern that does exactly what you are asking. I hope to make at least two of them. Thanks for such cute patterns. Gina November 28, at 5: Lynn Living Love December 5, at Stephanie January 3, at 4: Mama January 4, at 1: Phyllis A March 18, at Toni Allain March 28, at 4: Mecca April 7, at 2: Mama April 7, at 7: Bev May 6, at 7: Vicki May 13, at Mama May 13, at Thanks for your time!!!

Mama May 30, at 8: Which hat are you wanting to make? I can convert it to a straight needle version for you. Thank-you so very much. Mama June 5, at Nissa June 26, at 9: Mama November 8, at I have now posted straight needle versions of these patterns — http: Thanks for the converted pattern, could you please convert the other two for me as well. Mary December 10, at 4: Mama December 11, at Andrea December 15, at 6: Mama December 15, at 7: Marcie February 19, at 6: Emma April 15, at 9: Louise June 24, at 5: Mama June 29, at Suejb June 29, at 9: Mama June 30, at Cindi September 28, at Mama September 29, at 8: Mama October 3, at Linda November 16, at Mama November 19, at 4:

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